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Our head office at The Sarah MacInnis Real Estate Team might be based in downtown Kingston, but we’re proud to provide our real estate services to a much wider range of neighbourhoods and communities within the area.

These greater Kingston communities, including South Frontenac, Greater Napanee, and more, are places we admire and love just as much as the city centre.

Learn more about why we love these greater Kingston communities so much and why we’re sure you will too.

The City of Kingston

Bustling, historic, charming.

Situated right along the beautiful shorelines of Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River, the City of Kingston is a thriving metropolitan centre with a rich history.

Located between two of Ontario’s largest cities, Toronto (west) and Ottawa (east), Kingston is comparatively small in terms of population and geography. Kingston’s year-over-year growth in local residents, commercial, and real estate developments, means it’s one of the province’s most rapidly expanding cities.

Who Lives Here?

Kingston’s beautiful downtown area sits on the waterfront and is home to both Queen’s University, and Saint Lawrence College. The wide education opportunities bring in lots of college students that add to the diverse local culture. While the downtown areas appeal largely to college students, there is also a huge market for seniors throughout the city.

Those in the medical industry, or who would otherwise need proximity to healthcare would appreciate Kingston General hospital, a leading hospital in Ontario, as well as its neighbour, Hotel Dieu Hospital in the very heart of the city.

What To Do

Kingston is a great destination for foodies, with its downtown patios and restaurants, as well as appealing to athletes of all kinds who need spaces like fields, tracks, gyms, and utilities like the Queen’s University pool, courts, and tennis facilities.

What To See

When visiting Kingston, a must-see any time of year is the scenic downtown area. It is one of the most beautiful in Ontario, with its historic shops and buildings, as well as its many parks.

Its downtown waterfront is also home to Fort Henry, a historical military building that hosts seasonal holiday events, and the Martello towers, iconic, historic military instalments that are staples of the city.

Getting Around

Kingston is most accessible by car or public transport, however, the downtown and campus areas are easily walkable. Kingston Transit’s bus system has routes that service most of the downtown core and many of Kingston’s surrounding communities.

When the weather is warmer, it’s not uncommon to find many cyclists enjoying the warm, lakeside air, whether for pleasure or as part of their commute.

The Real Estate

There is a large mix of single-family homes, city residences, semi-detached, townhouses, condos, apartments, multi-families, and investment properties. There is something in Kingston for any requirement or price range. The average price is in the $500,000-$600,000 range, however, prices vary widely from smaller affordable properties to large family homes and commercial buildings.

When it comes to Kingston’s real estate scene, there are homes to suit almost any budget, size, and lifestyle.

South Frontenac

Scenic countryside community.

Located just north of the City of Kingston, the township of South Frontenac is part of Frontenac County, a Kingston-area community we know well.

This scenic countryside community is beloved by local residents and visitors alike for its natural beauty and heritage community feel. There are walkable small towns in the area, and being so close in proximity to nature trails, numerous lakes and rivers, and large open plots of land means there are plenty of opportunities to get outside, no matter what your preferred outdoor pastimes are.

Who Lives Here?

Due to South Frontenac’s proximity to downtown Kingston, many daily commuters who live in South Frontenac and travel to the city for work.

South Frontenac is also a popular place of residence for seniors who seek a quieter lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Kingston. In addition, villages near South Frontenac, like Sydenham and Harrowsmith, are popular among families because of their well-regarded school systems and safe, family-oriented environments.

Whether they’re young or old, those who live in South Frontenac tend to also be those who enjoy the outdoors. Being surrounded by some of Ontario’s most beautiful landscapes is a natural draw for outdoor enthusiasts.

What To Do

Don’t miss a visit to Frontenac provincial park to take in its amazing vistas. Experience nature at its fullest and take advantage of the breathtaking natural scenery, still lakes and waterways, and spectacular views.

What To See

Away from the natural beauty of Frontenac Provincial Park, the quaint and charming Sydenham Village is a small town in the heart of South Frontenac.

The area is home to many fun and historic local amenities, and perhaps the most interesting is Trousdale’s General Store—the oldest of its kind in Canada.

Getting Around

Whether it’s by car, bike, snowmobile, or boat, some sort of vehicle is almost always necessary to get around most parts of South Frontenac.

That being said, there are walkable smaller towns within South Frontenac too. And, in the warmer months especially, hikers and runners are always out and about enjoying the scenic surroundings South Frontenac has to offer.

The Real Estate

South Frontenac has many historic homes with access to the waterfront. There are few condos and semis in the area, but there are many plots of land perfect for new developments. The average price for homes is ~$500 000.

For those who want a quiet retreat from the city but also need to work in or otherwise access city amenities, its proximity and easy access to Kingston should search here.

Greater Napanee

Quaint, serene, unique.

Sitting along the shorelines of Lake Ontario about 45 kilometres west of downtown Kingston is the community of Greater Napanee. This serene town is home to about 16,000 residents who live across the 461.31 kms of livable landmass that stretches north into the surrounding wooded countryside.

Like many communities nearby, Greater Napanee is known for its beautiful collection of local parks and green spaces, making it an ideal place to live for those who like the outdoors.

In addition, Greater Napanee is also conveniently placed just a short drive away from downtown Kingston and all of its attractions and amenities.

While Greater Napanee’s more populated main streets have a large collection of local businesses and amenities, having a larger city so close by is much appreciated by local residents.

Who Lives Here?

Because of Greater Napanee’s close proximity to Kingston, you’ll find many day-to-day commuters who live in Greater Napanee but make daily trips to Kingston for work. This means you’ll find plenty of middle-aged adults and large families who live here too.

Greater Napanee is also a great retreat for seniors looking for a beautiful property in close proximity to stores and local amenities.
Farmers also make up a significant portion of Greater Napanee’s local community as farmland and agricultural settings are in abundance here.

What To Do

If you’re seeking a day out on the town, the energetic main streets of Greater Napanee always have something in store. Between the local shops, restaurants, and taverns on Dundas Street and Centre Street, you’ll get a real sense of local culture and community here.

Or, if you feel more like a day out on the green, the Napanee Golf Club caters to the large local golfer demographic in Greater Napanee.

What To See

If you enjoy being outside, then make sure you don’t miss out on Greater Napanee’s jaw-dropping natural parks, including Conservation Park and Springside Park.

Both offer beautiful nature trails perfect for hiking, biking, and running, as well as many scenic views of the local landscapes.

Getting Around

No matter where you’re trying to go in Greater Napanee, we’ll almost always recommend you do it by car — especially in the wintertime. With that in mind, snowmobiling is also a popular mode of transport when there’s snow on the ground, most commonly in the northern parts of the community.

The Real Estate

Greater Napanee’s real estate market features single-family homes, farms, and large plots of land. Depending on their condition, size, and proximity to the lake and downtown area, the price bracket for these properties is quite wide.

If you’re in the market for farms or agricultural properties, Greater Napanee is also a good place to search.

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