At The Sarah MacInnis Real Estate Team, we’re more than proud to be officially recognized partners of Wounded Warriors Canada, one of Canada’s leading military-focused mental health charitable organizations.

Wounded Warriors Canada is a charity that our team holds dear to our hearts and is one that has a major impact on our Kingston-area community.

The Military Influence In Kingston

Kingston is home to Canadian Forces Base Kingston (CFB Kingston), located in the east end of Kingston. Over the years we’ve helped countless clients with their  military relocation .We recognize the challenges these members can face as they go through the relocation process and we have protocols in place to meet and exceed your HHT / Selling experience with us.

In fact, our Team was fortunate enough to be trained by the best! Private John Duffney was one of the brightest, kindest, caring humans we’ve ever known. During his years -in his second career- on our Team as a Realtor®, John taught us the importance of being there for our military clients- around the clock when necessary- during their HHT. John impressed upon us that this was not a time to mess around with. John served his clients in the same manner he served in our Military…with everything he had. We endeavour to do the same.

Why We Care

We’ve seen first-hand how trauma can effect people’s lives.

We know that Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)— and many other mental illnesses — afflict people in our community, people we love…one of the ways our Team tries to help, is by making regular donations to Wounded Warriors Canada.

Over the years, our modest donations have gone toward many programs and support for those in our community and communities similar to ours where so many veterans and current service members of the Canadian Armed Forces really do need support.

We are grateful to be recognized as an Official Partner of Wounded Warriors Canada.

In Memory Of Private John Duffney

Years ago, our team was directly affected by the grasp of PTSD when we lost a beloved member of our Team, Private John Duffney.

In his honour, we celebrate his life, service, and time spent with us by donating a portion of our proceeds from every property sale to Wounded Warriors Canada.

We encourage you to support Wounded Warriors Canada, too, by donating what you’re able to when you can.

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